Achieve financial freedom and win back your time.

Mosaic helps you keep track of your entire financial life and intelligently plan for your goals.

Screenshot of Mosaic app
Screenshot of Mosaic app

Sync All Accounts

Mosaic seamlessly keeps all your financial accounts in sync. Securely connect with any major institution to see your assets, investments, and liabilities in one place.

Screenshot of Mosaic app

Search Anything

With all your transactions in one place, you can search for anything you want. Want to know how much you spent on your last trip to New York? You got it. How about how much you received in dividends last month? No problem.

Screenshot of Mosaic app

Powerful Notifications

Mosaic can always keep you in the loop when any financial activity occurs. Customize and create as many notifications as you want.

Screenshot of Mosaic app

Intelligent Planning


Security and Privacy

Bank Level Security

Your data is encrypted under the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard, the same standard that your banks use. Our host also regularly goes through audits to make sure your data is safe. Additionally, Mosaic does not store your bank credentials.

Privacy Promise

We understand that your financial data is very personal, so we promise to never sell it. If you wish to unlink your institutions, we will immediately delete all your data. Your data is yours.